Report on the May 28th Port Commission Meeting

Last Tuesday the San Francisco Port Commission had another meeting at which the redevelopment of Pier 70, and the fate of the Noonan Building and it's community of artists, was discussed. Five representatives of the NBA were there, and Suzy Barnard, one of those in attendance, gave a short speech on our behalf. Here's a report from Noonan Building Artist Kim Austin on the meeting:

I think we all have to thank Suzy Barnard for speaking on our behalf yesterday at the Commissioners' meeting. She did a splendid job. She thanked the Commission for listening to our concerns, and thanked Forest City and the Port for including us in the term sheet.

It was a very cozy, lovey meeting. Lots of supporters for Forest City and the SF Port spoke this time. The presentation to the Commission was brief and to the point, and it included mention of the Noonan Building Artists on several accounts. We were heard at the last meeting and are now inserted into the text.

We have learned from these meetings about many dedicated people who have been working tirelessly on the pier 70 project for years. Several times it was called a labor of love. I really believe that we are part of that equation now, and that our years of keeping the Noonan Building alive is seen with equal respect. I believe that both the Port and FC see our importance and relevance in this project.

We are now in a perfect position to start a positive dialogue, and to begin shaping the future artistic core of Noonan Building history. We have tons of time. So we can be thoughtful and insightful. What do we want to pass on to the next generation of artists? What can we share with them from our decades of experience? What advise can we give to the Port and FC in taking our "seed" and encouraging it to grow?

Later this summer the Port and FC will schedule a meeting with us to go over the options that we will explore together over the next 10 or so years. We will keep you posted as to when that will happen. For now, FC will spend the next 3 years drafting their plan and getting approvals. Orton will work on the historic core buildings. Crane Cove Park will also evolve over the next few years. The Waterfront project with FC is scheduled to begin in 2016.

It was really great to attend yesterday's meeting with Suzy, Marti, Henry, and Susan Eslick, and to see Pamela at the moment of departure. Thanks everyone for caring about our special place, the Noonan Building.