Suzy Barnard's Statement to the Port Commission

Here is the text of Suzy's statement to the San Francisco Port Commission at their May 28th meeting:

Good afternoon Commissioners. My name is Suzy Barnard, speaking on behalf of the Noonan Building Artists at Pier 70.

We would like to express thanks to Forest City and the Port for including us in the Term Sheet, which was submitted to the Port last week.  We raised our concerns at the Port Commission hearing on May 14th about not being included in Pier 70's redevelopment plans, and it was very gratifying to be heard. We very much look forward to working together, in an atmosphere of trust and good faith.

I have just a couple of brief points this afternoon to bring to your attention:

Firstly, since the wording on Forest City's Term Sheet regarding the Noonan Building Artists is brief and general, we wish to state clearly that affordable, comparable art studio space is required not only for all current existing tenants and sub-tenants, but also for the benefit of future artists, and request that a long-term commitment to affordable artists' workspace be made in order to perpetuate the long history of Pier 70 as one of San Francisco's few remaining vibrant creative centers.

Secondly, the Noonan Building Artists remain committed to pursuing the option of preserving the Noonan Building itself, as a special building of historic significance that holds a living, breathing and current community within it.

Thank you.